Joannah currently leads and manages teams and projects for Pandora Custom Content – developing groundbreaking new programs for a streaming radio audience of over 80 million listeners.  As Executive Producer, she strategically evolves and consistently supports the growth and expansion of creative practice and delivery across design, development, audio, video, writing, animation, and innovation teams on all Pandora's custom programs.  


Her strengths are her constant presence and engagement, her ability to evolve, and her ability to synthesize challenges into actions that teams can move on, communicate around, and resolve.  Her practice and experience is rooted in positivity, collaboration, foresight, and an ability to see the bigger picture as well as the finest details.  


Her experience as a producer spans film, broadcast, digital, advertising, music, documentary, new technology, and new media – leading to a truly integrated approach.  Joannah loves a fresh challenge and thrives in fast-paced creative environments. 


After developing her work ethic on a fishing boat in Alaska (commercial salmon fishing), she made her way to the Advertising industry, where she leads a Content Creation team for Advertising and Branded Content projects at Pandora.  Before that, she led a global digital production + project management group for Apple brand advertising at Media Arts Lab London & Los Angeles.  In this role, Joannah led her teams to streamline international processes, build innovative ways to work in online advertising, and consistently improve quality and creativity of all projects while always building the ubiquitous Apple brand.  



With a background in Marketing, Documentary Filmmaking, and Production, Joannah always seeks new ways to make a project most efficient, while still upholding the creative aims, and maintaining the health and creative vitality of the team.